The Work In Studio, situated right in the heart of Lisbon, is a space where a serie of physical and personal activities combine.

They are Pilates, Body Rolling, Body Logic, Yoga, and Tap Dance.

The main purpose of these activies is to promote the well-being and individual health, based on a good relationship between teacher and student, on a modern and private space.

The Work In Studio is for everyone that look in the centre of the city for:

• a calm, private and peaceful place;
• differentiated classes;
• personal attention;
• reduced classes (máx. 8 people) or private classes;
• certified teachers;
• a complement to the performance activity
• balanced price / quality

Our classes are for people that practice regular intense exercise, people with pain, pregnant women or post-pregnant women, children, people that look to achieve the wellbeing on a profound and lasting way or simply people who are looking for a hobbie.

Is it with great pleasure that we invite you to know our space from 12h till 19h .

We are waiting for you!

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Situado no coração de Lisboa, o Work in studio é um espaço onde se conjugam diversas atividades de desenvolvimento físico e pessoal.