Pilates changes the way we use our body and recruit our muscles. It corrects comum imbalances and restores good alignment. During the session, the repetition of good movement patterns promotes good feelings and stimulates people to move with a good posture after the session. In Pilates the exercises lenghten the shorten muscles and strenghtens the weak ones, restauring the muscle balance around the joints.

 Yoga – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The balance of the trilogy: mind, body and soul.

Yamuna* Body Rolling

It’s an exclusive class in Portugal. It’s a powerful method of self help. It can be practice at any time in any place. In Body Rolling the hands of the therapist are balls. The weight of the body creates traction, movement and relaxation on the ball. The main benefits are improved posture and joint mobility, stimulation of organs and restoration of breathing capacity.

Yamuna* Body Logic

Private session that unblocks the natural body potential, identifies problems and presents solutions. To maximize the effectiveness of Yamuna Body rolling and Pilates start with a Body Logic session. On a Body Logic session the body is re-educated to the natural movement without pain. Move your body the way it’s suppose to: freely and in perfect alignment.

Under the leadership of Yamuna Zake, a master teacher of body sustainability, what began as singular dedication with focused hands on body work, has evolved into a global brand with a network of over 450 certified practitioners and the attendance of over 2,000 holistic practitioners in Yamuna branded teacher trainings and workshops worldwide.

Today the Company is a leading source of education for teachers, therapists, and fitness instructors interested in expanding their knowledge in BodySustainability which can enhance their core expertise, and often lead to a longer term interest in becoming a certified Yamuna instructor.

Complimenting this focus, the Company markets and sells a curriculum of exercises, and a proprietary line of body rolling balls for teachers, students, and studios. The Company also produces an exclusive line of beauty blends and therapeutic remedies which are distributed by luxury spas, boutique studios, and fine department stores.


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